Cakes and Cupcakes

What's listed here are our core flavors, but we can create any flavor you'd like, and some flavors can be made vegan - just ask!

Love Song

Our signature flavor

Pistachio, cardamom, rosewater, rose petals

Mango Lassi

The classic drink in cake form

Alphonso mango, yogurt, cardamom, mukhwas

Bangkok Blackout

Our award-winning take on the classic Brooklyn Blackout cake

Chocolate, coconut, Kaffir lime, Thai bird chili, green curry

Thai Hot Chocolate

A vegan version of our Bangkok Blackout cake

Chocolate, coconut, Kaffir lime, Thai bird chili, marshmallow

Masala Chai

Don't call it chai tea

Black tea, chai spices, Parle-G biscuits

Coconut Lemongrass

Sometimes simple is best

Coconut two ways, lemongrass

Tom Kha Gai

A take on the classic Thai soup

Coconut, lime, galangal, lemongrass, Thai basil, Thai bird chili

Filter Coffee

South Indian coffee - aka "filter coffee" - is sort of like French press, but better

Filter coffee, condensed milk, cardamom, Parle-G biscuit


A modern take on a classic Indian dessert

Ricotta, cardamom, saffron, condensed milk, rosewater, pistachios

Chiang Mai

Like an afternoon in Chiang Mai

Coconut, lime, tamarind

Pumpkin Masala Chai

Don’t call it a pumpkin chai latte

Pumpkin, cardamom, chai spices


Quintessential and inspired by our dads

Dark chocolate, coconut, Johnnie Walker Black Label, rosewater, cardamom, fennel, coriander, salt

Purple Carrot Halwa

An Indian spin on the American classic

Purple carrot, cashew, cardamom, purple carrot caramel

Red Curry

Like your favorite Thai takeout dish, but sweeter (and better)

Chocolate, coconut, peanut, red curry

Marina Beach

Evocative of the snacks sold on the beach in Chennai; the perfect combination of sweet and spicy

Coconut, lime, mango, red chili

Lemon Cardamom

Bright and bold

Lemon, cardamom

Chocolate Masala Chai-PA*

Developed as a special for the 10th anniversary of our favorite bar using beer from one of our favorite breweries (BGH and Finback, respectively), this flavor is now in regular rotation.

Chocolate, IPA, chai spices (optional IPA caramel)

*cake can be made without beer

Thai Tea

Classic and refreshing

Condensed milk, Thai tea, lime

Coconut Mango

Tropical with a twist

Coconut, palm sugar, mango, Himalayan pink salt